The essence

Storytelling infused with femininity.

Olivia Foka is an independent luxury fashion brand based in Thessaloniki, Greece. After a long tenure gathering knowledge and experiences in the Greek and European Fashion Industry and a lifetime of influence from artist-grandparents, our team founded the label in 2020.

Our main mission is to exploit the purest elements of Greece and connect them with the fashion world in the most feminine and sophisticated way; pointing out the importance of our cultural legacy, and using them to create pieces that can live as much as the memories of this beautiful and idyllic country.

The design aesthetic can be described as ‘Romantic elegance for the Minimalist Woman’, while our passion for detail can be seen in every single piece we do.


The people

We are all Olivia Foka. In our world everybody is equal, no matter the nationality, the gender, the age, the sexual orientation or the job title, we all treat and respect each other the same. We truly believe that building strong and honest relationships among us can be the cornerstone for future success, as we aim for greater global appeal.


The sustainable mind

Due to our unparalleled love for animals and our planet, we constantly seek new ways and practices to reinforce our commitment on improving environmental sustainability. Our philosophy is simple, we always look for textiles and materials that are high in quality, planet friendly, and traceable to the source whenever possible, while we only use synthetics and plastics when there is no other choice.